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Terra-Sorb foliar amino 1l

Amino acids foliar Terra-Sorb ® is an environmentally friendly product based on L-a-amino acids for foliar application Enzymatic Hydrolysis. This organic product contains a high ratio of free amino acids with respect to total (high degree of hydrolysis). Terra-Sorb ® foliar product is certified for use in organic farming CAAE. 


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Amino acids are characterized by their high speed of action and an excellent compatibility in blends of foliar application. 

  • Benefits of amino Terra-Sorb: 

- Increases photosynthetic activity and chlorophyll content. - Quick recovery of the plant against stress. - Improving the quality of fruit

  • Application Form: 

- Terra-Sorb ® foliar can be applied to all types of crops: leafy vegetables, fruit vegetables, strawberries, citrus, olive, vine, tropical, indstrial crops, extensive, and so on.  - The application doses are 2 to 4 foliar applications to 2-3 mL / L or 3.2 L / ha. In cases of severe stress one can increase the dose. 

  • Application of amino acids:

Use is encouraged at all times when the crop needs nutritional and physiological stimuli, such as - At the beginning of sprouting, where there is enough follage. - Pre-flowering and fall of petals

- Also recommended for application when the crop is under unfavorable conditions (drought, cold, salinity, wind, root suffocation, etc..) And regenerative treatments after critical periods (transplant, frost damage, hail, wind, etc.).

  • Terra-Sorb Composition: 

Free amino acids (*) 9.3% (w / w) Nitrogen (N) total 2.1% (w / w) Nitrogen (N) 2.1% organic (w / w) Borax (B) 0.02% (w / w) Manganese (Mn) 0.05% (w / w) Zinc (Zn) 0.07% (w / w) Organic matter 14.8% (w / w)

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