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Stimulant racinaire Osiryl BOX 4x5L

Osiryl is a root stimulant for the plant increasing its adaptation. 

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  • Main functions:

- The fertilizer increases the development and resistance of the root system as well as the the quality of the land, Osiryl root stimulator is respectful of the environment and improves production and quality. The development of a efficient root system that is tolerant to stress is a determinating factor. This aspect favours the colonization of substrates( ground and cultiVAT includedion support), and optimizes water and mineral absorbtion, preserving the ground and phreatic sheet.

- Growth and root strength. The root stimulant Osiryl acts on the protection of auxins which increase significantly in the development of the root system (+25% to +70%). This favours resistance and sustainability in stressful situations

  • Method of application: variable depending on the crop.
  • Recommendations: product that can be applied in farming.

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