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Professional healing paste of 300 gr.

Pruning paste ready for use in plants. Thanks to the association of different substances in their formulation as resins, creating elastic films, vegetable oils, healing and regulating pH, the product works with the function of protection, healing and regulating the wounds suffered by the plants due to the grafts , pruning and accidental breakage.

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  • Usage of healing paste

- Grafts: Spread paste Pastol Professional next to the graft this way helping in the healing and rooting. - Pruning: using a drill or spatula, spread the wound (which has to be smooth and inclined, never horizontal) with a 2-3 mm layer of treatment after the first has been applied. -Old wounds: take out all the rotten wood parts until one has found healthy tissue, then, by means of a sharp knife scrape the wound until it is oval shaped, paint a uniform layer of 2-3 mm of pastol professional over the surfice to be cured including the edges. Repeat treatment after the first application is dry.

  • Recommended: pruning paste can be altered by temperatures below 4 ° C.

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