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Pine processionary caterpillars trap 140 cm

Trap for pine processionary caterpillars (ex: 30cm, 50cm, 85cm i 100cm de perimeter)

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Trap for catching the pine processionary caterpillars.

The trap is two sizes depending pine dimensions: 30cm (dièmetres for less than 30cm), 55cm (dièmetres for less than 55cm)    or 80cm     (dièmetres for less than 80cm)     adjustable, reusable and easy to install.  

Ideal for the months of February and March when the caterpillars descend from the treetops, forming the features processions to bury in the ground and transform in into pupae.

Later there appears the video of demonstration of the montage of the trap.

Note: It is possible that some piece has been modified technically and is different from that of the video.

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