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  • It is a highly systematic copper-based fertilizer that provides excellent penetration and systemic capacity through the sap vessels. Mixed with other products, it is used to combat fungi such as:[Míldiu, Alternaria, Roya, Repilo, Cercospora, Anthracnose, Septoria (COFRE + SORTEM)][Phytophtora, Pythium, Verticillium, Fusarium (COFRE +...

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  • It is a fertilizer formed by nanoparticles with the ability to cross cell membranes. It acts as a systemic cell penetrant, pH corrector. It is used to improve safety and efficacy in mixtures with application broths, making them reach quickly and uniformly at all ends of the plant.

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  • Pheromone for the attraction and capture of the boxwood moth.

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  • It is a self-pressurized endotherapy device that contains 25 ml of nutritional product for direct injection to the trunk at Low Pressure. It is ideal for the immunization of resinous conifers against processionary and other boring pests (tomicus and other scolithids). Includes small connector.

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  • It is a concentrate that strengthens the immune system of the plant, strengthening and giving elasticity to the plant wall, favoring the plants to have a better capacity for self-defense against Oidium-type fungi. Mixed with other products, it is used to combat fungi such as:[Míldiu, Alternaria, Roya, Repilo, Cercospora, Anthracnose, Septoria (COFRE +...

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  • Natural biostimulant with triple effect, sprouting reactivator, favoring defense metabolites and vasodilator effect that facilitates the flow of sap throughout the plant thanks to its high content of aluminum lignosulfonate.

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  • It is a natural insecticide that inhibits the formation of Ecdysone, the main hormone that causes the shedding of insects, interfering with the state change process. Its mode of action is by direct contact and ingestion and only in larvae (mainly the first larval stages). It acts against leafhoppers, aphids, trip, whiteflies, leaf miners, scale insects,...

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  • It is a penetrating and adjuvant agent that confers a greater defense for plants against adverse elements. Its application is indicated as an activator of the physiological processes of plants, improving the effectiveness of the application broths. It can be mixed with products such as COFRE, IBERNA, OLIVEG, HUNTER, SUPERSYSTEMIK or TOPTEN to give more...

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  • Nutritional Potassium and Silicon Contribution authorized in Organic Agriculture. Once absorbed, it acts mainly on the cellular structures of plants, increasing the mechanical resistance of the tissues, improving the resistance of the culture to stress situations.

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  • It is a corrector of magnesium deficiencies that reduces the attraction of certain phytophagous species. It acts as a repellent for birds.

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  • It is a device specially designed for the endotherapy treatment of palm trees in green areas, equipped with the necessary internal pressure to allow the direct incorporation of the prepared broth into the vascular system of the palm tree to be treated, which only has to incorporate the appropriate phytosanitary for each problem . Includes large connector.

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  • It is a liquid formulated device to apply directly to the tree and palm tree affected by weakening, whether produced by a fungus, bacteria, virus or any other pathology such as yellowing of the leaves. It activates the natural defenses (phytoalexins), protects the roots against attacks by nematodes or malignant fungi. Nourishes all the tissues of the tree.

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