FERTILIZERS>Organic fertilizer CULTIVIT ACTIV PELLET (1400Kg Palet 35x40Kg)

Organic fertilizer CULTIVIT ACTIV PELLET (1400Kg Palet 35x40Kg) View larger

Organic fertilizer CULTIVIT ACTIV PELLET (1400Kg Palet 35x40Kg)

Product made with sheep manure and presented in the form of pellet, with the consequent advantages that it reports when applied in certain cases with respect to the product in the form of powder.

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1 028,41 €

20,56 € per saco 40Kg

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CULTIVIT M.O. ACTIV (PELLET) is a product of organic nature that when incorporated to the soil is decomposed by the microorganisms thereof, giving rise to the humus and giving off carbon dioxide that passes into the atmosphere. This humus increases the cation exchange capacity thereby reducing nutrient washing and thereby increasing the subscriber's profitability. It also incorporates to the soil small amounts of vitamins, auxins and antibiotics that exert a considerable positive influence on the plants. Manure improves the physical structure of soils by increasing their fertility. The presence of iron in the product, associated with humus, prevents the deficiencies of said element. Due to its careful manufacturing process, the product has a perfectly homogenous and free presentation of weed seeds that would disturb the crops.

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