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Nematodes Capsanem 50 millons (Spodoptera)

Box with 2 bags of 25 million third instar larvae in inert carrying material entomopathogenic nematode Steinernema carpocapsae.

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Control Larvae of soil and pests that live in leaf litter of the family Noctuidae (Noctuidae). Larvae of the Pyralidae (eg Duponchelia fovealis) family. Larvae of the family Tipulidae (crane flies). Fir weevil larvae (Hylobius abietis). It is also effective against various pests of the order Coleoptera (beetles) and Orthoptera (eg. the mole cricket or cebollero scorpion). Tenebrionis larvae Capnodis Solution Preparation: Enter the contents of the package into a bucket with 5 liters of water (15-20 ° C). Stir well and let stand for 20-30 seconds. Stir again and move the content to the spray tank. Fill with the necessary amount of water. Spray immediately after preparation. Use entire package once. The distribution of nematodes in the pack is not homogenous. Application and dosage: With a sprinkler, irrigation system, knapsack sprayer or motorized. To avoid obstructions should be removed all filters. Use a maximum pressure of 12 bar on the sprayer. The spray nozzle opening should be at least 0.5 mm (500 microns). mix continuously to prevent nematodes sinking to the bottom of the tank Soil Application: Dosage of 0.5 million nematodes per square meter. The amount to be sprayed depends on the application: in combating Duponchelia, use at least 3000 liters per hectare. Water the crop before and after application. Sprayed evenly over the surface. During the two weeks after application, the soil should be kept moist Foliar application: Using 0.25 million per m² dissolved nematodes in 0.1 liters of spray solution (= 1000 l / ha). The use of an adjuvant (Addit) improves the efficiency. Spray the crop evenly with the CAPSANEM solution, avoiding product losses drip. Applications to the tree or in the field: Dose of 1.0 million nematodes / m². Use 5-10 liters per tree. Do not apply on dry soils, nematodes should be applied after watering or rain. Maintain moist soil surrounding the tree for at least two weeks after application. Environmental conditions The soil moisture content must be high. Soil temperature between 14-33 ° C. Nematodes are very sensitive to ultraviolet light (UV): do not use in direct sunlight. To limit the influence of ultraviolet light and that nematodes have maximum moisture, foliar application should be done at dusk. Storage and packaging: Shelf life: see date indicated on the package. Storage temperature: 2-6 ° C. In dark. Morphology: Larvae (third stage): size 0.5-0.6 mm. Other stages: develop inside the host. Mode of action: After application, the nematodes seek out their prey and penetrate inside. The nematodes feed on the contents of the host, segregating specific bacteria from their digestive tract. These bacteria convert host tissue into products that nematodes easily assimilated. The larvae die within 2-3 days. visual effect: Infected insects change color and sometimes become slimy.

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