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Enemy natural nematode Palmanem

The natural enemy nematode Palmanem contains specific beneficial nematode for biological control of the red palm weevil (Rhinchophorus ferruginensis) called Steinernema carpocapsae.This nematode can be used to control many pests. 

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  • Mode of Action: 

- Once applied, the contact nematode larvae quickly penetrates by natural openings. Under optimal conditions, the infected larvae die within 48-72 hours. - It is effective for weevil larvae and adults. If the larvae are larger than the effect will be slower.

  • Attribute-based Palmanem nematodes

- 100% organic and natural (fully infofensius on living things). Environmentally friendly. - Does not generate resistance in the pest. - It is recommended as supplement with other control methods such as injections or insecticide treatments.

  • Method of application of nematodes: 

- With a watering can, pack, sprayers, through watering system, etc.. - Maximum pressure of 15-20 bar = atm. - Spray directly into the eye of the plant at, 15 to 25 l / palm. - Repeat the treatment after 45 days approx.

  • Palmanem storage: in the refrigerator.

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