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Leaf fertilizer Herbafer greener de 20l

Herbafer greener is a foliage and root fertilizer of fast accion with a greening effect. This fertilizer uses the chemical quelate of iron-nitrogen in order to stimulate the creation of clorofil in leaves of the plant or of the lawn, giving the lawn a bright dark green hue.

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  • MainFeatures:

-Ideal fertilizer for making an impecable lawn for special occasions like: competitions, tournaments, etc. The green coloration becomes evident after a few hours of treatment. The greening is evident after a few hours of treatment.

- Compatible with most pesticides used in lawn, effectively helps in the prevention of "dollar spot" (Sclerotinia spp.), Stem rust (Puccinia spp.). And red (Laetisaria spp.).

- Herbafer greener is characterized to have a tonic action that effectively recovers yellowing due to other interventions with herbicides, quickly restoring the color of the grass.

  • PH = 2.5 to 3 and density 1260 g / l.
  • Dose of fertilizer: 2.5-3l / 1000 m2 in 100l of water.

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