INSECTICIDES>Insecticide Akira 2,5 WG (Lambda Cihalotrin 2.5%) - 15 g

Insecticide Akira 2,5 WG (Lambda Cihalotrin 2.5%) - 15 g View larger

Insecticide Akira 2,5 WG (Lambda Cihalotrin 2.5%) - 15 g

The Akira insecticide plant protection product is a new insecticide highly effective against a broad spectrum of insect pests, both larvae and adults, showing a rapid and persistent effect. Among others it acts against caterpillars,
aphids, beetles, bugs, prays, and leafminer flies.

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Mandatory application card for phytosanitary products (RD 1311/2012). In case of a refund, 15% of the purchase price will not be refunded.

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  • Specific features: with its innoVAT includedive design achieves two primary objectives when making pesticide treatments: 

- Increased safety in handling, transport and storage. - Increased environmental respect

  • Authorized applications: the authorized plant protection product applications are extensive (see in doubt), but in gardening are: 

- Ornamental grass: against Heliothis, tortix, caterpillars and aphids.

  • Application Form: apply the insecticide by means of spraying over the leafs with the appropriate dosage. The recommended dose is 6 g/15 l of water.
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