INSECTICIDES>Insecticide POLARIS (with bait) 500g

Insecticide POLARIS (with bait) 500g

Insecticide in granulate form Chlorpyrifos bait for use in controlling cutworms. donuts and other caterpillars and nymphs noctuidos ortópteros (grillotalpa, lobster and other grasshoppers).

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Polaris® RB is the only product able to control insects belonging to the following species: cutworm, green donut, armyworm, cebollero scorpions, crickets, earwigs, grasshoppers and ants just inviting them to eat. mass attracts deflecting crop pests, due to their special formulation as granulated bait, allowing easy approach to product thereof applied to the soil using less active ingredient. RB Polaris® MASSO containing 1% of chlorpyrifos in pellet form attractant. Apply in a dose 10-20 kg / ha. RB Polaris® attracts all the insects by virtue of their specificity: • Those who live in the soil and feed on seeds, roots and seedlings. • Those who live by their biology partly in the ground, but they feed on leaves and fruit. • Those who have nocturnal habits. Pests away the critical parts of plants susceptible to be attacked, preventing the insect reaches its destination. It can be applied in all types of crops, protecting planting (seed, roots and neck) in transplant (seedling neck) and established crops (buds, leaves and fruit). Polaris® RB should apply to the appearance of the first symptoms of attack, when the insect is most vulnerable, as it is in the early stages of development, and it is always better to make the application in the evening or early morning hours, with moist soil and / or after irrigation. Do not apply on the ground. IT'S CONVENIENT AND EASY TO APPLY INSECTICIDE POWER HAS A NOTABLE WIDE SPECTRUM OF ACTION LARGE NUMBER OF CROPS APPROVED VERSATILITY OF APPLICATION LOW TOXICITY You can USED IN STREAMLINING PROGRAMS PHYTOSANITAIRES

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