Insecticide INSECTIBYS WASPS 750 cc

Spray insecticide to treat the nests of wasps and hornets. EFFECTIVE FRONT ASIAN WASK

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FORMULATION Aerosol. ACTIVE INGREDIENT Tetramethrin: 0.16%, Cypermethrin (40/60): 0.21%, Piperonyl butoxide: 1.06%. CHARACTERISTICS Insecticide with fulminating and residual action. Thanks to its formulation and the presence of a high-tech diffusion valve, which allows projecting the product at a distance of more than 4 meters, it ensures a correct application on the nest. PLAGUE Wasps and hornets: nests. HOW TO USE Environmental Use: Spray directly on wasp nests and hornets for 7 to 12 seconds. For greater efficiency of the product, it is recommended to apply early in the morning or late afternoon, when there is a greater presence of wasps in the nest and they are less active. DOSE Soak the nest. R.D.G.S.P. . 11-30-04083 (Environmental Use) SECURITY PERIOD 12 hours.

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