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Insecticide Antioidium AZUPEC MICRO WG 5 kg

Micro Azupec WG is a fungicide-acaricide sulfur-based formulated as dispersible granule which gives better quality.

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Mandatory application card for phytosanitary products (RD 1311/2012). In case of a refund, 15% of the purchase price will not be refunded.

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FORMULATION Sulfur 80% (WG) ACTIVE INGREDIENT Sulfur UNAUTHORIZED APPLICATIONS It is applied in cas ode attack powdery mildew, spider mites and mites. Normal spray applied at doses of 0.2-0.5% (200-500 g in 100 l. Of water), depending on ambient temperature, culture time of treatment. Do not mix with oils or alkaline reaction products or carry out treatments at temperatures too high (> 28 ° C). OBSERVATIONS Do not apply artichoke or in some sensitive varieties of fruit such as apricot, apple and pear. Do not apply to crops whose fruits are for canning. Do not apply mineral oils 21 days before or after the application of sulfur, or vice versa. At high temperatures is phytotoxic in apple varieties like Golden Delicious and Golden; in pear, Williams, Dean of Comicio and others; in apricot Búlida and others; in artichoke; some cucurbits, other horticultural and subtropical / tropical fruit.

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