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Grass feed Floranid Rasen (1000Kg - 40x25 Pallet)

Floranid LAWN
  • Features:

    complex fertilizer based on slow release nitrogen from Isodur ® , magnesium and micronutrients. Special for fertilizing lawns intensive management.

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  • Application rate:

    Lawn intensive: 30 - 50 g / m2
    Apply every 2 or 3 months

    • Recommendation:

      Floranid ® Lawn 05/08/20 (+2) ensures adequate supply of lawns not only nitrogen but also phosphate, potassium, magnesium and micronutrients. The action slow release nitrogen to a uniform dose to reduce the number of applications and ensures a balanced and regular growth without undesirable fluctuations.

      This makes it not only possible to save costs through reduced number of fertilizer applications but also due to the decreased number of mowings. Lawn Floranid 05/08/20 (+2) can be uniformly applied by hand or with fertilizer. As a rule, two to three fertilizations during the growing season are enough.

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