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Fongicide Puntal de 500g

Mandatory application card for phytosanitary products (RD 1311/2012). In case of a refund, 15% of the purchase price will not be refunded.

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Systemic Fungicide, with capacity up translocated in the xylem and phloem down. Recommended preventive control and applied in time, healing Oomycetes (mildews); penetrates less than 1 hour at the plant and is translocated with the flow of sap.

It acts by 2 ways:

a) direct route, by blocking sporulation of the fungus;

b) via indirectly by stimulating the natural defenses of the plant.

Dosage and authorized crops:


control aguado and Phytophthora species, 250-300 g / hl

control gomosis , apply through irrigation water on plots available installation of drip irrigation at a rate of 1-25 g / tree, depending on the cup, with a maximum per application of 10 kg / ha, making a maximum of 2 applications per season.

Security Term: 15 days.

Pome fruit: < / span>

control Phytophthora species , 250-300 g / hl. Has complementary effect against bacteriosis give 2 treatments at the rate of 250-375 g / hl covering the flowering season.

Security Term: 15 days.

PUNTAL®, containing 80% fosetyl-Al shaped WG.

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