FERTILIZERS>Fetilizer DAP Fosfat diamònic 18-46-00. Sac 40Kg

Fetilizer DAP Fosfat diamònic 18-46-00. Sac 40Kg View larger

Fetilizer DAP Fosfat diamònic 18-46-00. Sac 40Kg

diammonium phosphate-based fertilizer with 18-46-00 rich in phosphorus and 40 kg sack. It is a perfect place to promote root development and give vigor fertilizer.

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The nitrogen contributes DAP is entirely in ammoniacal thereby interacts positively with phosphorus, facilitating absorption.

The phosphorus containing, 46%, is totally assimilated by plants and 95% soluble in water, ensuring excellent agronomic result, it allows the absorption of phosphorus cereals in the early stages, when viewed hampered by low soil temperatures.

The DAP has a residual effect on acid soils, though initially has an alkaline reaction, so it is very suitable for neutral or alkaline soils.


Like any complex fertilizer is applied just before planting.

should be distributed evenly over the soil surface. It is advised to bury deep enough to place the fertilizer around the roots and facilitate the absorption of phosphorus.

should not contact the seed, as a function of soil ammonia volatilization could damage may occur.


  • Total Nitrogen: 18%
  • ammoniacal nitrogen: 18%
  • P2O5 soluble in water: 46%

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