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Diatomes Sand 1 kg

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Fertiberia Tierra de Diatomeas is an effective and efficient fertilizer that eliminates all kinds of pests on plants and crops, without the presence of biocide or poison. Available in 1 Kg container. It is a mineral of natural origin that efficiently combats insects, snails, fleas, lice, mites, bedbugs, ants, spiders, etc. Its mission is from the accumulation of fossilized microscopic algae millions of years ago on the seabed. It acts on the insect, killing it by dehydration, as it absorbs its body fluids. And while controlling the pest, diatomaceous earth fertilizes, cures and nourishes vegetables, provides trace elements or trace minerals, and also protects against the sun.   ADVANTAGE: Of animal origin extracted from the accumulation of microscopic algae. Eliminate all kinds of insects. It is harmless to people and animals, as diatoms are unable to penetrate the keratinized layer into hot blood.   USES AND SPECIFICATIONS: Ecological fertilizer that eliminates spiders, fleas, snails, caterpillars, lice, moths, ticks, bedbugs, locusts, flies, mosquitoes, weevils, cockroaches, etc. Dilute 10g for 1L of water and spray the plant completely. In animals 1g per kg of weight of the pet.

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