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Categories : Biological control

These are basically used to detect the presence of insects, determining thus what species they are, as also the abundance thereof with the objective of finding out which better chemical, mechanical and /or biological way of eliminating the plague. In small plots, the implementation of traps is an effective way to eliminate some plagues.

 Traps are basically made through a source of attraction and a capture mechanism, that captures or eliminates the insect attracted. Inspite of being fundamentally simple there are of many different types.

 The usage of traps has the advantage of not leaving toxic residue, of operating continously, of not being afected by the agronomic conditions of the crop in question, and in many cases, having a low cost in operation. One limitation of the use of traps is that there are no attracting agents known for many important plagues. This can also be a limitation in that the trap operates only on adults and not against the larvae which are in the form in which most insects cause damage.