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Sycamore lace bug (Corythuca ciliata)

Categories : Pests , Platanus

Bug Description: Heteropterae (sucking insect).


Species affected: Bananas and it can also affect linden and ash (very exceptionally).


Biology: It has 3 annual cycles. Adults winter under the bark. In spring one can find them on the leaves.   After the end of ten days mating and laying occurrs.  At 20 days the nymphs are born and 45 days afterwards (after 4 mutations) they become adults. Before the fall of the leaves, the adults take refuge in the bark of the tree.



  • Recommended products:


- For packs 15 l: spray with contact insecticide Decis protech 25cc.

- For higher capacities: Decis contact insecticide spray 1l Protech at a dose of 1 cc / l.

- Injection insecticide every 30 cm of the trunk of the tree.




  • Phytosanitary treatments with pyrethroid insecticide for foliar application.


  • Alternative: injections with insecticide.




  • The leaf of the tree loses its green colour and Observation of insects on the leaves and trunk.
  •  Strong attacks: severe defoliation.