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Red thread grass (Laetisaria fuciformis)

Categories : Lawn , Pests

Red thread is a fungus that affects grass causing the following symptoms: irregular round spots of 5 cm to 1 m in diameter.  Initially the damage is small but it could affect the whole plant.The leaves and the stem become covered with a gelatinous pink layer The leaf and sheath are covered by a layer of gelatinous pink.


Favorable conditions for the fungus: temperatures between 15 and 21 º C and very frequent rainy periods.


Affected Species : Agrostis stolonifera, Poa pratensis, perennial Lolium , Festuca sp. and Cynodon dactylon.


  • Recommended products:

- Surfaces up to 100 m2 of lawn: 1 can contact fungicide Iprodione Massó 50 SC for a pack of 15 liters of water.


- Surface area greater than 100 m2 of lawn: green Chipco contact insecticide at a dose of 200 l of water cc/10.




  • Phytosanitary treatments with fungicides is the most effective method. The most appropriate and active ingredients are iprodione and clortalonil


  • It is very important to alternate different ingredients to avoid resistance.



March, April, May, September and October.