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Red spider in trees and shrubs (Tetranychus urticae)

Categories : Fruit-tree , Pests , Shrubbery , Trees

If you see the leaves of your trees losing colour and there are very small red spots on the leaves, we are before a pest called "red spider".


Bug Description: mite (spider). Very small: 0.5 mm.


Species affected: polyphagous. In ornamenta treesl:Buxus, Viburnum, etc.


Biology: During the winter one can find it in its adult phase. Mating and laying eggs starts in spring. From here they change into larvae and nymphs. This process lasts around 8-14 days.  


  • Recommended products:

- For packs of 15l: 1 out of 10 g acaricide Dogo WP mixed with 15 l of water.