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Powdery mildew on trees and shrubs

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The leaves of the tree or shrub are being filled with white spots? If so, it is a disease called powdery mildew, caused by a fungus.


Disease Overview: is a very common disease in different species of trees and shrubs.

The onset of the disease is favored by fertiliszing deficiency conditions, dry spells and alternating hot days / cold nights.

Days with much sunshine harm the fungus.

The time of maximum exposure is in spring and autumn..


  • Recommended products:

- For packs 15 l: 1 systemic fungicide Folicur 25 WG 16 g or 1 sachet of fungicide ElosalGD 45 g.It is recommended to alternate pesticides.


- For higher capacities: systemic fungicide Folicur EW 1l 25 (at a dose of 25 cc/10 l 1l/ha or water) or DG Neotec Dithane fungicide (at a dose of 3 kg / ha or 30 g/10 of water).




We recommend the application of specific fungicides. It is very important to repeat the fungicide treatment the first 10-15 days and thorough dampening of the whole plant.


It is very important that at the moment of making the treatments one should alternate different fungicides.





At the onset one can see green stains on the leaf that become covered with a white dust. Morever this ailment affects the leaves Especially affecting the leaves andbuds.Theleaves curl and drop prematurely.The trees with flowers dry up,flowering decreases.