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Powdery mildew on lawn (Erisyphe graminis)

Categories : Lawn , Pests

General symptoms of powdery mildew:


- Presence of greyish white dust on the lawn leaves.

- Favorable conditions for the fungus: shade combined with average temperatures of 18ºC. High degree of humidity.

- Affected species: all cultivated ceps.



• Products recommended for professionals:

- Folicur systemic fungicide at a dose of 7.5 mL for a 15 L backpack.


• Products recommended for individuals:

- Zolfe systemic fungicide at a dose of 7.5 mL for a 15 L backpack


* It is recommended to repeat the treatments and alternate phytosanitary products.




• To prevent powdery mildew it is very important to keep the floor aerated.

• Spraying fungicides is the most effective way to control the disease. The most effective active ingredients are copper and sulfur for preventive treatments.



June, July, August and September.