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Powdery mildew on lawn (Erisyphe graminis)

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  • General symptoms of powdery mildew:


- Presence of white powder on the grass blades.

- Favourable conditions for fungi : shadow combined with average temperatures of 18 º C. High humidity.

-Affected species: all grown grass types.


  • Recommended products:


- Surfaces up to 100 m2 of lawn: Spray 1 holder of systemic folicur 25wg of 16 or 1 holder of Topsin systemic70 for a back pack of 15 litres of water.


- Surface areas greater than 100 m2 of lawn: Folicur systemic fungicide spray EW 25 at a dose of 25 ml / l of water or 10 Topsin 70 WG at a dose of 10 g / l of water 10.


*It is recomended to alternate pesticides Repeat treatments




  • To prevent fungus it is very important to keep the soil aired.
  • Spraying is the most effective way of fighting diseases.The most effective active ingredients are copper and sulfur for preventive treatments and iprodione, tebuconazole methyl tiofanto treatment for healing.



June, July, August and September.