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Phytosanitary treatment

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Tirogaverd has the knowledge, the material, and the qualified and experienced personnel in dealing with insect biology species as is also the application of the best treatment for each case. There are distinguishing cases as is the case of phytosanitary and/ or endotherapy treatments.

The conventional treatments are.applied by spraying the product over the designated area or plant. Be these products of ecological nature or, on the other hand, alternatives which are sold in the market. Mainly these products are of chemical synthesis.  

The application of organic or ecological products such as natural extracts and synthesized insecticides, can be applied from products deriving from the same plant or that of mineral origin. Conventional treatments are applied as a last resource, and this is done when there is a risk of plague extention that make it necessary, as well as for virulence and afectation on the area.