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Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata)

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 Do you notice pitting on the fruits of your fruit tree?

  • Description of the fly: a pest that affects different families of fruit trees. It is a small fly with very vivid colors.
  • Affected species: fruit trees.
  • Biology: adult females lay on the fruits, attracted by the smell and color. Device between 5-10 eggs. Once the laying is done, they go to other fruits to make more laying. When the temperatures are favorable the eggs hatch in two days and the larvae penetrate the fruit to feed on it. The life of the larva lasts between 6 and 11 days.



• Products recommended for domestic use:

- For 15 l rucksacks: spray 1 jar of Massometrin contact insecticide of 25 cc.

• Products recommended for professionals:

- Karate Zeon contact insecticide spraying at a dose of 3 mL for a 15 L rucksack.




• Collect the fruits that have fallen from the same tree.

• Insecticide treatments with specific phytosanitary products. Insecticide treatments must be repeated every 7-10 days until the pest has been extinguished.

• Alternative methods: using traps to hunt the adults.



- Bites on fruits.

- Fruit drop and rot.