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Lawns Fusarium (Fusarium culmorum)

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The main symptoms of Fusarium are green patches between 12 and 15 cm in diameter that can increase up to 90 to 200 cm and change color to look like dried grass straw. The shape of the spots on the lawn is very variable: circular,elongated ...


Favorable conditions for the fungus: periods of high humidity. Daytime temperature between 29 and 35 º C and 21 º C at night, or higher. A high content of nitrogen may favor its development.


Species affected: Agrostis stolonifera, Poa sp. and Festuca rubra.


  • Recommended products:

- Surface to 100 m2 of lawn: 1 pack of 70 orchard Topsin 15 g mixed with 15L l pack.

- Surface area exceeding 100 m2 of lawn: 70 WG Topsin mixed with water at a dose of 10 cc/10 l water.




  • Phytosanitary treatments with active fungicides such as methyl thyocyanate, and iprodione.
  • Very important to alternate fungicides and plant retreatment every 10-15 days.



January, February, March, April.