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Pest Solutions.

Insecticide treatments are done to prevent or slow the presence of insects in lawns. As in the case of diseases, the most important is to identify the insect present and from there make the most appropriate treatment. We recommend the use of products during the spring and autumn, as the environmental conditions are optimal for the development of various pests.

These treatments can be done preventively (before the onset of the plague) or curative (once diagnosed the bug, and repeated at 10 days).



Insecticides are those that affect the plague due to contact with the product to increase its effectiveness it's recomended the mixture be dampened thereby allowing a superior adhesion. Some active ingredients are: chlorpyrifos, deltamethrin, cyfluthrin, pyriproxyfen.



Are insecticides those that are absorbed through the plant sap and circulate throughout the system. They are characterized by high effectiveness. One of the most active ingredients is imidacloprid.