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Horse chestnut leaf miner (Cameraria ohridella)

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Do you have a horse chestnut on whose leaves suddenly has appeared orange spots? If this is so, we are confronting the cameraria ohridella.If so we are in the Cameraria or leaf miner.


Bug Description: Lepidopterae (butterfly). Size 7-8mm


Affected species: Horse chestnut and other varieties of trees


Biology: 3-4 generations per year. They pass the winter as pupae, and in spring the adults come out of the fallen leaves. In autumn , they lay their eggs and in 7 to 10 days afterwards the larvae are born that penetrate the leaf. 


  • Recommended products:


- For a backpack 15 l: spraying contact insecticide Decis Protech 25 cc or systemic insecticide Confidor 20 LS 10 cc.


- For bigger capacities: Protech contact insecticide Decis 1l at doses of 10 cc/10 l of water or systemic insecticide Confidor 1l 20 LS cc/10 dose of 7.5 l of water.


- Insecticide injections every 30 cm around the circumference of the trunk of the tree





  • Collection of fallen leaves in autumn / winter.
  • Alternative treatments: pheromones
  • Insecticide treatment in spring ( with the apparition of the first butterflies) with the active imidacloprid, deltamethrin.




  • Presence of orange spots throughout the leaf.Ç
  • Premature falling of leaves