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If on the trees and shrubs of ones garden one can see little insects and the leaves lose colour and sometimes there appears a darkish sticky substance on the leaf and the trunk is full of ants, these are the symptoms of greenfly in ones garden.


Bug description: Homoptera insects (suckers). They are very small and of different colours


Species affected: polyphagous (affecting many plants). It is a very common pest.


Biology: First symptoms during the months of April and May.


  • Recommended products:


- For packs of 15 l: Spray with1 can of systemic cofidor 20Ls of a 10cc or 1 can of cuspide contact insecticide of 48 of 30cc or 1can of Decis protech 25 cc. make 2 phytosanitary treatments (spaced every15 days, alternating insecticide products.


- Organic Products: Spray with 1 can of organic pyrethrum for orchards of 30cc


- For higher capacities: Confidor systemic insecticide spray 1l LS 20 (at a dose of 7.5 cc/10 l of water), the contact insecticide or Gufos 48 (at a dose of 20 cc/10 l of water) Protech contact insecticide 1l Decis (at a dose of 10 cc/10 l water).


- Organic Products: spray organic pyrethrum 11 (20cc/l of water).


- Tree trunk injections, every 30 cm of the trunk of the plant.





  • Phytosanitary treatments with insecticides specific for fighting adult insects. active ingredients to combat adult insects. To remove the (sticky) honeydew one can make a mixture of soap and potassium mixed with the fungicide.


  • Alternative methods: insecticide injections.




  • The aphids suck the sap from the leaves and cause discoloration and often these are coiled.


  • Are associated with a fungus by the name of "fire blight" or Erwinia amylovora, that leaves the leaves of the plant sticky and with a blackish hue.
  • This is also associated to ants.