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Elm leaf beetle (Xanthogaleruca luteola)

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Are the leaves of your elm trees full of holes as if there had been If so, it is because there is an insect that attacks the tree: TheElm tree beetle.


Pest Description: Coleopterae (beetles). Larvae and adults arerespondable for all lawn diseases. Size: 5-7 mm.


Affected species: Elm tree


Biology: The female lays eggs under the blade of grass and after 8 days the larvae hatch. In the middle of july the adults start a 2nd generation; and In autumn the adults hide under the bark of the tree 



  • Recommended products:


- For backpacks 15 l: contact insecticide Decis Protech 25 cc.

- For bigger capacities: Protech contact insecticide Decis 1l at a dose of 1 cc / l.

- Insecticide injections every 30 cm of the perimeter of the tree.





  • Phytosanitary treatments with insecticides during spring. The active ingredients arepyrethrinsmost recommended are(deltamethrin, alphacypermethrin).


  • Alternative methods: insecticide injections.




The first symptoms are "holes" in the leaf that cause total defoliation, as if a hailstorm had caused intense damage



With the weakening of the tree one can visualize the culprits