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Drill of the palms (Paysandisia archon)

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In recent years, palms trees are experiencing some difficult to detect pests: If you can see fan shaped holes on the leaves of the palm trees, and on the trunk, cocoon growths, we are talking of the paysandisia archon.


  • Bug description: Lepidoptera (butterfly). Very large: 80-10 cm. Preferred flight hours: noon.
  • Species affected: palms.
  • Biology: the cycle is completed at 11 months. During the winter one can find them in caterpillar stage. Adults live 2-4 weeks. Eggs are laid to the fibers of the crown and hatch after 20 days approx.  Once the caterpillar is born it finds its way into the plam tree and starts boring out galleries, until it becomes an adult and finds its way to the exterior.


  • Recommended products:

- For packs 15 l: 1 can of cusp contact insecticide 48 of 30 cc.

- For greater surfaces: Cusp contact insecticide or Gufos 1l 48 at a dose of 20 cc/10 l water.

The recomended dossage is of 20L of juice per palm tree thoroughly dampening the plant.




  • Application d'insecticides organophosphorés dans la couronne du palmier.
  • Nous devons faire des répétitions constantes pour combattre les larves , en mouillant bien l'œil du palmier.



  • Des trous dans les feuilles qui ont une forme circulaire (éventail).
  • Présence de bourgeons en dehors du tronc et de sciure de bois.
  • Dans les cas graves le tronc se déformé.