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Cranefly on lawn

Categories : Lawn , Pests

Pathogen Description: A Dipterae, which is just a mosquito larvae living in coastal areas in mild winters.They are gray and hard. Adults leave eggs under the vegetation canopy from where the larvae emerge. .


- Evening activity: They feed on roots and the neck of the plant or grass.

- Day activity: They feed on the leaves and stems of grass.


  • Symptoms: If the attack is very important, the grass dies in a few days as it loses the root system. They are mostly found in lawns with poor drainage or where excesive watering is applied.


  • Recommended insecticides:


- Surfaces up to 200 m2 of lawn: it can be done two ways as explained below:

- Sprinkle ground with Insecticide Sipcam of 1 kg per 200 m2.

- Spray 1 can of contact insecticide cúpside 48 of 30 cc for a backpack of 15 litres of water per 100 m2.


- Surface area 200 m2 superiros: Cúpside contact insecticide spray 1l or Gufos 48 at a dose of 20 cc/10 l water.





  • Chlorpyrifos insecticide treatmentis best.Treatments are recommended at dark, as this is when the larvae feed on the leaves and stems.
  • It is very important to avoid over watering.



June, July and August.