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Citrus leafminer (Phylocnistis citrella)

Categories : Fruit-tree , Pests

Can you observe hollow spaces in the leaves of your citric tree?


Bug Description: is a small lepidopterae, when adult the butterfly has an approximate size of 4 mm.


Species affected: citrus.


Biology: The Species deposits the eggs individually on the leaves of the plant.The catepillars are of a translucid green colour; they are active the whole year round. They hollow the plant on both sides of the leaf and one can see its effects in the form of long sinuous lines. The reproductive activity is continuous throughout the year if climatological conditions are appropriate.  They mines long and sinuous visible on both sides of the sheet. The breeding activity is continuous throughout the year if the pest is well established and the weather conditions are appropriate.


  • Recommended products:


-For backpacks 15 l: 1 can of spray systemic insecticide Confidor 20 LS 10 cc.


- For higher capacities: Confidor systemic insecticide spraying LS 20 at a dose of 7.5 cc/10 l water.




  • We recommend the application of specific systemic insecticides.




  • Channels appear on leaves caused by the caterpillars annulling growth of the leaf as also the same as the plant.


  • When it affects the young leaves, growth is severely affected.


  • They can also be affect the fruits of the plant.