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Ant (Solenopsis sp.)

Categories : Lawn , Pests , Shrubbery , Trees

• Pathogen description: It is a reddish hymenoptera of about 5 mm.


• Symptoms: Mounds of earth made during the construction of the anthill. The stalks and leaves are observed.


• Products recommended for exteriors:

- Spray Nexa granulated ants. Application by pouring the granules diluted in water. Dilute 20g of bait per liter of water. Effective for 1 month or apply paparrin insecticide with pyrethroid powder.

• Recommended products for interiors:

- Application of creeping lacquer insecticide, by localized spraying aimed at plinths and floors.

- To reinforce the effect of indoor treatments, the placement of Baythion ant traps and Nexa ant bait traps is recommended.




  • Insecticidal treatments with the active substance Alpha-cypermethrin.
  •  Baits can also be placed to reduce the population of ants.



April, May, June, July, August, September