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Biological repellent against rabbits and moles TopTen 250cc

It prevents the presence of rabbits and voles keeping them away from the crop. Inhibits attracting herbivorous lagomorphs on the crop.

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Features and Benefits

TOPTEN is a totally harmless formulation. It should be noted that by its content in roots from gentians initially produces a bitter taste and biodegradable in culture is enhanced by the presence of zinc. Thus, its effect antiolfativo antigustativo and the presence of rabbits and voles on the culture is neutralized.

Because of this, TOPTEN should be applied in the early stages of crop development, precisely when the plant tissues are more tender and more attractive for these animals

Dosage and application

TOPTEN to plant surfaces where it is applied, remaining stable between two and four weeks, depending on rainfall, foliar treatments and other atmospheric parameters are fixed.


Apply foliar spray

  • Vegetables: 250 cc / hl .
  • Saplings: 200-250 cc / hl .
  • adult trees and vineyard. 200-250 cc / hl
  • Cereals: Apply bands at 1 l / ha of surface treated (equivalent to 300 cc / hl) .
    • To voles (root application): 2.5 l / ha in drip irrigation .
    • Repeat after 10-15 days



      • Apply foliar in seedbed or trays (before transplantation)
      • Reapply Foliar one week after transplantation. From this point it is recommended to do more applications.
      • In direct seeding, apply foliar directly in the field at the beginning of germination.

        Saplings: Fruit trees, citrus, vineyard .

        • atomisation every tree.

          adult trees and vineyard

          • Apply to the tree trunk. Do not apply to the aerial part

            Other: Ornamental grass and industrial

            Use Recommendations

            • Apply it alone, without mixing with other products.
            • Due to its biodegradable bitter taste, TOPTEN should be applied up to three weeks before harvest .

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