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Biological insecticide potassium soap 250ml

Biological insecticide potassium based soft soap, obtained from fatty acids of vegetable origin saponified with potassium hydroxide. Oleat-bio potassium soap acts by contact on insects originating through the solvent compounds a film that covers their epidermis provoking their death through  asphyxia. Registered in the Register of Phytosanitary Products with the number 22.814/13.

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  • Authorized applications of plant: 
    Crops Pests Minimum dose   Maximum dose   
    Citrus Aphid 2.00% 3.00%
    Melon, banana, pepper, tomato        Whitefly   1.00% 2.00%
    • Method of application: dilute the biological product in the tank itself indicated dose application and implement high volume spray, making a good coverage of the whole plant, as the efficacy of the product depends largely on proper application.


    • Insecticide Recommendations: start treatment at the first appearance of the plague because at the onset pests are few.


    - Make biological applications as early as possible in the morning or evening when temperatures are lower, to allow a longer period of activity of the product and facilitate its contact with the insects, as these at these hours present little activity.

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