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Biologic feed AminoProtein 20L

NPK solution with amino acids and membrane phospholipids.

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Composition: 2% free amino acids; 2''5% total N (N organic 2''5%); 4% phosphorus; Potassium 6%; total organic matter 27%; typical aminogram (% on the total amount of free amino acids) 12% aspartic acid; glutamic acid 17%; phenylalanine 9%; 24% glycine; 9% leucine; Methionine 9%; proline 12%; also it contains: alanine, arginine, cysteine, cystine, hydroxyproline, histidine, isoleucine, lysine, serine, tyrosine, threonine, tryptophan and valine. NPK solution with amino acids and membrane phospholipids. Mineral complex organ system, obtained from plasma and pig hemoglobin, through a process of chemical and enzymatic for a balanced mix of free amino acids, low molecular weight peptides and salts of phosphorus and potassium hydrolysis. It contains membrane phospholipids, vitamins and vegetable oils which provide emulsifier, stabilizer and antioxidant effect. Pasteurization of the product ensures their wholesomeness. It is developed to achieve the maximum balance of nutrition at the plant especially during times of increased stress. Its growth promoting effect provides greater vigor to the plant and generate an improvement in the external appearance of the fruit, largely avoiding the micro cracking and exposure of the fruit to pathogens. Strong action vehiculante nutrients. It can be applied at any time of vegetative crop development. Dosage: it can be used on all crops, both foliar and by root. The number of treatments are recommended according to each culture and the amount varies between 3-8 applications per cycle. Generally as foliar applied dose of 200-400 ml / hl (100 L of water).

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