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Anti-moss treatment for grass - Box 10x750gr

selective fungicide for control of moss and liver, when applied to postemergence of them.

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It is recommended to apply it with freshly cut and wet grass. In curative treatments provide 5 to 10 g / m2, whereas preventative treatments provide 04.05 g / m2 of Anti-moss. Watering after application. Once dry remove moss with a rake or thatching and if clapas on the lawn reseeding proceed.

Composition +26 NPK 6-0-0 Fe

Nitrogen 6%

Sofre trioxide 39%

Iron 26%

Maximum efficiency

- Can be applied at any stage of development of moss or liver, since it is fully effective when applied postemergence. However it is recommended to apply the plant before the onset of reproductive organs, to prevent reinfestation.

- Its efficiency improvement in conditions of heat and humidity. Under optimal conditions, mosses and liverworts can be affected in 2-10 days. As curative treatment once a week to provide for about 2-3 weeks until the moss starts to dry. Provide preventive treatment once a month.

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