Wood pellet ECO Paper bag 15kg View larger

Wood pellet ECO Paper bag 15kg

The raw material for ENERBÍO pellet comes from the sector of the first transformation of wood that comes from central Catalonia, specifically from Sant. Martí d'Albars where it is dried, granulated, bagged and distributed.

It is easy to store, economical, ecological and without expiration.

Cheaper than the price of fossil fuels, assuming savings on the energy bill.

Natural and respectful with the environment: pellet combustion is very efficient. The ash that results from the combustion of the pellets is minimal due to its high combustion efficiency, it is totally biodegradable and it is not toxic.

It does not expire, as long as it is stored in a dry place, without humidity, it can last for a long time without losing its qualities.

7,50 €