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Wetting Sortem 250 cc

It is a penetrating and adjuvant agent that confers a greater defense for plants against adverse elements. Its application is indicated as an activator of the physiological processes of plants, improving the effectiveness of the application broths. It can be mixed with products such as COFRE, IBERNA, OLIVEG, HUNTER, SUPERSYSTEMIK or TOPTEN to give more efficiency to the treatment to be performed.

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Protector of phytosanitary products against solar radiation UVA.
Effect cleaner solvent and molasses.

Solution L-glutamic acid and Glycine: 6% w / w
Fatty acid esters.

Sortem is indicated as a stimulant of the defenses of the plant to help protect crops? against pests and diseases:

As an adjuvant, to increase the permeability of the chitin and the waxy cuticle of insects.
Solvents molasses.
UVA protector between 250 and 450 nanometers of light.
For its content has stimulatory effect glutamic acid and other amino acids forming in culture.
Sortem indications

It applies to:
fruit trees