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Trap for Lepidopterae (green)

Moth trap designed to capture Lepidoptera . It is made up of 6 parts Arner Base, Arner Body, Arner Receptacle, Arner Lid. Green and yellow colors that visually attract the insects to be captured.

It is a trap that guarantees high catches and does not become saturated. It is characterized by its resistance in extreme weather conditions. Easy to clean for each reading.

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  • Use of the polillero trap : Designed to monitor or mass capture some of the pests that cause the most damage ( Lepidoptera ). It is designed to attract a wide variety of butterflies together with the pheromone. Place the trap above the crop.

  • Assembling the trap : join the base with the funnel and the lid. Put the pheromone inside the basket and join it with the lid, put the DDVP inside the base of the trap . Make all the pieces fit together and pass the rope through the holes to hang it on the crop 20 cm above the crop (with a stake).

  • Applications: polillero is very interesting in lawns and crops because of worm pests.

- Spodoptera exigua (Green donut): Cultivation of peppers, tomato, watermelon, melon, grass, ...

- Spodoptera littoralis (Black donut): Cultivation of alfalfa, corn, pepper, tomato, grass ...

- Lobesia botrana (Cluster moth): Vine cultivation.

- Chilo suppressalis (Rice borer): Rice cultivation.

- Helicoverpa armigera (Heliothis, tomato caterpillar): Cultivation of tomato, cotton, corn, pepper.

- Euzophera pingüis (Olive worm): Olive tree cultivation.

  • Monitoring:

- Open air: Plots of <3 Ha: 3-4 traps / plot.
Plots of> 3 Ha: 1-2 traps / Ha. p >

- Greenhouse: 1 trap / 500 m2.

  • Mass trapping:

- Open air: 8-10 traps / Ha evenly distributed in the central area of ??the plot, considering borders.

- Greenhouse: 1 trap / 300-500 m2 (minimum of 2 traps per greenhouse).