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Terra-Sorb foliar amino 5 lt

It is a product with a high ratio of free amino acids to total (high degree of hydrolysis). It is characterized by its high speed of action and excellent compatibility in foliar application mixtures. It increases the photosynthetic activity and the chlorophyll content, has a rapid recovery in stress situations, and improves the quality of the fruit set. It can be applied in all types of crops: leafy vegetables, fruit vegetables, strawberries, stone fruit trees, pome fruit trees, citrus, olive trees, vineyards or vineyards, tropical, industrial, extensive crops, etc.

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Amino acids are characterized by their high speed of action and an excellent compatibility in blends of foliar application. 

  • Benefits of amino Terra-Sorb: 

- Increases photosynthetic activity and chlorophyll content. - Quick recovery of the plant against stress. - Improving the quality of fruit

  • Application Form: 

- Terra-Sorb ® foliar can be applied to all types of crops: leafy vegetables, fruit vegetables, strawberries, citrus, olive, vine, tropical, indstrial crops, extensive, and so on.  - The application doses are 2 to 4 foliar applications to 2-3 mL / L or 3.2 L / ha. In cases of severe stress one can increase the dose. 

  • Application of amino acids:

Use is encouraged at all times when the crop needs nutritional and physiological stimuli, such as - At the beginning of sprouting, where there is enough follage. - Pre-flowering and fall of petals

- Also recommended for application when the crop is under unfavorable conditions (drought, cold, salinity, wind, root suffocation, etc..) And regenerative treatments after critical periods (transplant, frost damage, hail, wind, etc.).

  • Terra-Sorb Composition: 

Free amino acids (*) 9.3% (w / w) Nitrogen (N) total 2.1% (w / w) Nitrogen (N) 2.1% organic (w / w) Borax (B) 0.02% (w / w) Manganese (Mn) 0.05% (w / w) Zinc (Zn) 0.07% (w / w) Organic matter 14.8% (w / w)