Substrate Basitex fertilizer plant of 50l View larger

Substrate Basitex fertilizer plant of 50l

Basitex substrate is a vegetable substrate fertilized with mineral fraction for outdoor cultivation with a good structure and solidity. Ready to use directly.

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  • Features: 

- Structure of the substrate: 0-18 mm. - PH: 6.5 to 7.

  • Applications of substrate: 

- In boxes: put gravel in the bottom of the planter. Place plant centered and filled with substrate Basitex, pressing lightly with your hands. Water below.

- In planting beds and lawn directly: spread a thickness of 8 to 10 cm on any terrain. Later sowing grass or planting effect.

- Tree planting: Make a large hole, about twice the root bread. Put gravel in the bottom. Place the tree centered and fill with substrate squeezing tightly. We advise watering reeomplir abundance and again.

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