Seeds MONTGRÍ (Cynodon) 1 Kg View larger

Seeds MONTGRÍ (Cynodon) 1 Kg

100% Cynodon dactylon

It is a high density lawn with a great tolerance to drought, salinity and cold. It has very good adaptation to maritime areas. One of its characteristics is its winter latency, although recovery is very fast. Requires very low water needs. It can be used for sports fields, campsites, public and private gardening, and tees, streets and roughs of golf courses.

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Cynodon dactylon var. SULTAN

During the winter, when the temperature goes down from 8-10ºC, it enters latency losing the color, reason why autumn resiembras are realized
usually with Lolium perenne.

Fast Germination.
Indicated for: "rough" of golf courses in temperate climates, gardening of much use in Mediterranean climates.
Resistant to: heat, drought, trampling, salinity.
Maintenance: low.
Sowing: late spring and summer.
Dosage: 10-12 gr / m2
Special features: quick coverage, excellent behavior in rough golf courses, medium-fine blade.