SEEDS>Seeds MONTGRÍ (Cynodon) 1 Kg

Seeds MONTGRÍ (Cynodon) 1 Kg

It is the most important C4 cespitosa species, it is the fine grass or bermuda. It resists long periods of drought, does not need a special care,
it goes in all kinds of soils and it withstands trampling, it also has many stolons, so its covering power is great.

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Cynodon dactylon var. SULTAN

During the winter, when the temperature goes down from 8-10ºC, it enters latency losing the color, reason why autumn resiembras are realized
usually with Lolium perenne.

Fast Germination.
Indicated for: "rough" of golf courses in temperate climates, gardening of much use in Mediterranean climates.
Resistant to: heat, drought, trampling, salinity.
Maintenance: low.
Sowing: late spring and summer.
Dosage: 10-12 gr / m2
Special features: quick coverage, excellent behavior in rough golf courses, medium-fine blade.

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