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Robot Ambrogio Twenty Deluxe battery 2.5 Ah 2020

A mini robotic lawnmower created to have even less impact on the environment and equipped with the most advanced features. The latest generation processors, brushless motors, powerful batteries and 18 cm blade allow the robot to manage up to 4 separate areas. Excellent efficiency with perfect and fast results from a robot weighing just 7 kg and measuring 42 cm.

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The Twenty Deluxe is the smallest fully autonomous Ambrogio robotic lawnmower. Powered by a 2.5Ah lithium-ion battery, the Ambrogio 20 Deluxe robot can cut up to 700m2 of grass and can be programmed to work on up to 4 different grass areas. The cutting height adjustment allows the blade to be adjusted for cutting heights between 25mm and 70mm. The Ambrogio Twenty Deluxe uses Bluetooth technology to allow connection to the robot. The robot can be stopped, started and monitored with a simple touch of a button. The Ambrogio robot cuts the grass within an area delimited by a perimeter wire. When the robot detects the perimeter wire or encounters an obstacle, it randomly changes direction and starts mowing the grass again in a new direction. The robot can recognize the presence of taller or thicker grass in an area of ??the garden and will automatically activate a spiral movement, in this area, for a perfect finish. The Ambrogio Twenty Deluxe robot will operate on a slope of up to 35% (or 20% on the perimeter wire). By adding wheel accessories, which can be purchased separately, the robot can cut slopes of up to 45%. If the slope is too steep for the robot, or if the robot tips over, the blade will stop immediately. If the robot hits a solid object, the bumper sensor is activated and the robot will move backwards to avoid the obstacle. The Ambrogio Twenty Deluxe robot has an integrated handle and is small, compact and easy to store and transport. The Ambrogio Twenty Deluxe Robot has an emergency "STOP" button, pressing this button at any time will immediately stop the blade and the robot. The Ambrogio Twenty Deluxe robot will cut off for approximately 2:00 hours on a full charge. When the robot detects rain or the battery is low, it will automatically return to its docking station.

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