Pheromone Grapholita molesta 1 ut View larger

Pheromone Grapholita molesta 1 ut

Pheromone for monitoring the oriental peach moth.

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Place 1 capsule specific pheromone trap.
Place traps in the upper third of the tree, in early March before the start of flights. Important? Delta traps should be installed with the opening facing the prevailing winds in the region.
Trap density: 2 traps / plot. In major crops 3-4 Ha place 1 trap / Ha. Preferably we place a crop in the center and another in the boundaries to determine if the pest is already in cultivation or define entry points.
Checking the traps once a week. Remove the captured insects. Delta traps, replace the sticker base when losing its adhesive capacity.
Tolerance levels: 2 individuals / trap for two consecutive days. Determine the treatment period depending on temperatures during the period. Dealing with approved products and follow the manufacturer's instructions.
Keep traps 2-3 weeks after removal of the culture and its remains.

Mass Trapping:
Reduce pest pressure and can be used as an adjunct to other control methods, but are not effective as a control method itself.

FUNNEL TRAP use with a pill authorized insecticide inside.
Place 8 to 10 traps per hectare, within the field and on the edges of it.