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Organic matter VEGETHUMUS 25 kg

Vegethumus organic matter is: selected and analyzed manure, from coffee, olive oil, sunflower oil, sheeps wool and magnesium (indispensable for rooting).

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  • C/N relation: 13. It is being matured.

  • Agronomic benefits of manure:

- Application: fertilizer or organic matter improves soil structure. Increasesthe propagation of humus. Increases the soil's capacity to retain water.

- Soil microbial stimulation: increase of 78% of this type of activity.

- On plants: natural supplements and trace elements. The fertilizer provides balanced nutrition, complete and gradual. Ensures nitrogen levels in the soil. Strengthens natural defenses. Better quality crops.

  • Dose: 40-60 kg/100 m2 (depending on the state of the soil).

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