Organic matter VEGETHUMUS 25 kg View larger

Organic matter VEGETHUMUS 25 kg

It is an ecological fertilizer composed of organic matter such as selected and analyzed manure, coffee, olive oil, sunflower, sheep's wool and magnesium (essential for its roots) with stimulating action of the growth of the roots of the plants.

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  • C/N relation: 13. It is being matured.

  • Agronomic benefits of manure:

- Application: fertilizer or organic matter improves soil structure. Increasesthe propagation of humus. Increases the soil's capacity to retain water.

- Soil microbial stimulation: increase of 78% of this type of activity.

- On plants: natural supplements and trace elements. The fertilizer provides balanced nutrition, complete and gradual. Ensures nitrogen levels in the soil. Strengthens natural defenses. Better quality crops.

  • Dose: 40-60 kg/100 m2 (depending on the state of the soil).