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Natural insecticide ZENITH (Azadirectina) 15cc

It is a natural insecticide that inhibits the formation of Ecdysone, the main hormone that causes the shedding of insects, interfering with the state change process. Its mode of action is by direct contact and ingestion and only in larvae (mainly the first larval stages). It acts against leafhoppers, aphids, trip, whiteflies, leaf miners, scale insects, moths, beetles ...

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Act on three action frantents, distinct and complementary:

– Plant defenses, protecténdola spawning pests. Tiene Effect

Biopotential of numerous enzymes fundamentals for plant unrolling.

-Su ingesta production inapetencia y altercations in the digestive system of the insect.



Authorized Apply:

Lepid:pteros: Helliotis , , {87711910 1 {87711914 , , , , {87711915 {877116 {87711916 {87711917

Microlepidoteros: Total Tuta.{87711910 {87711911

Pulgones, Cochinillas, White Fly, Lobesia botrana, tryps y Otros.


In cultivars:

  • Hortalis.

  • Frutales in general, silver, citrus, ornamentalrboles and ornamentals.


BERN is harmless to the useful fauna, the environment and the hombre.


Application Shape:

Es a leafy performance product:

Foliar Application: 4-5 cc/Lt (consummary 2'5 l/ha).


Mezcla is recommended as the outputM product: BERNA = 2.5 cc/Lt of agua + SORTEM = 2 cc/Lt of agua.



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