Mower Worx LANDROID Robot WR141E M500 WIFI 20V

Landroid WR141E is one of the robots of the new Worx collection, with a standard programming in the base that makes it immediately operational, easily adaptable to the individual needs of the operator, through the management application, which allows you to choose the times, duration, routes, cut mode, etc. The robotic lawnmower is versatile, easy to install and adaptable to different types of terrain, managing to cut the grass in extreme conditions, with slopes of up to 35%.

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The WR141E M500 robot is a complete machine and it is essential to know all its characteristics in order to be able to use it to the maximum; So let's see more precisely:

Brushless, brushless, direct, fast, powerful and safe motor.

Side loading station, retractable, easily interchangeable

Mulching cutting system with a decentralized blade group consisting of a disc with 3 very efficient swivel blades that provide a 18 cm cut, leaving the cut grass directly on the ground as natural fertilizer, exceptionally close to the edges of the ground

Rain sensor which "warns" the robot of imminent rain and "invites" it to return to the charging base

Patented AIA (Artificial Intelligent Algorithm) technology with which the robot optimizes all cutting parameters and chooses the best, calculating the cutting system, the paths to follow in the ground and the areas where not to work

Cutting height adjustable in 4 positions from 30 to 60 mm.

n.m. 4 independent work zones which can be managed individually: the robot decides to work along a path from one zone to another, easily returning to the charging station

Total safety: if it is lifted off the ground, the operation of the blades stops immediately

n.m. 2 large, rubberized rear wheels and swivel front wheel for easy movement on the ground

Supplied accessories: 130 meters of boundary wire and 180 stakes to mark the cutting area, 9 spare blades

Personalized PIN code to be set during use, preventing operation on another site in the event of theft

Thanks to Worx technology, it is possible to operate the robot by laying the boundary wire along the area where it will be working, fixing it with stakes, without the need to make a groove in the ground.

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