NATURAL TURF>m2 of sod Variety Montgrí

m2 of sod Variety Montgrí

Montgri natural lawn turves of low maintenance variety well adapted throughout the Mediterranean and inland. A lawn that adapts well in sunny areas. Lawn which fits very well in sunny areas. 

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Lawn Qualities:


- Spring density.

- Of quick growth.

- Tolerance to drought and salinity. 

- High resistance to fungal diseases.

- Requires little scarifying.

- Nice leaf texture.

- In winter, this variety of natural lawn enters dormancy, recovering coloration in March.


Recommended maintenance of Montgri natural variety:  

- Cutting features: 10-50 mm in height, supports any cut (heliocal circular) do not cut more than 1/3 of the blade.

- Fertilize with 150-200 units of nitrogen for growth, recomended at a balance of 1-1-1 (depending on the levels of phosphate and pottasium in the earth).

- Watering needs: once implanted watering requirements are very low.  



Types of turf:


- Roll 1.50 m long x 40 cm wide x 2.5 cm thick.


Turf rolls are sold by the m2.




Composition: 100% Cynodon dactylon Riviera

Common uses: tees, fairways and of golf courses, sports fields, public and priVAT includede Gardens.

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